Navigating Your Finances God’s Way – DVD Series


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This DVD Series will improve your life and your finances…

…because you will be learning what God says about handling money.  Navigating Your Finances is for everyone – single or married, young or old, whether you earn a little or a lot.  Amazing the Bible has 2,350 verses dealing with money and possessions, and 15 percent of everything Jesus said had to do with it.  As you apply these principles, you’ll enjoy more financial health, freedom, peace and even joy.

The six-lesson DVD series is designed to be used in a variety of settings:

Small Group

Seminars or Workshops

Individual Study

Note: Each facilitator workbook contains a DVD with the videos for the study with the answer blanks filled-in.  The student workbook does not contain a DVD and has blanks to be filled in as the video plays.

“The practical principles in this study are powerful and life-changing because they are based on the Bible.  My only regret is that I did not take the course twenty years ago.  Don’t make the same mistake!

– Joe Gibbs, Former NFL Head Coach and Founder of Nascar’s Joe Gibbs Racing

Individual or Facilitator price: $11.00 plus shipping and applicable taxes

Online Download of Study Guide: $5.99 for workbook plus applicable taxes.  Download 1 copy per computer.  The download has fillable blanks for the participant to work on the material online or print as desired.  A reminder that this is copyrighted material and should not be forwarded to others without payment.  Once payment has been received the download link is provided.


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