It’s NOT About the MONEY (free download)

During Jesus’ lifetime of ministry, his passion was to teach the people how to understand the heart of His Father concerning every aspect of their lives. Although the people had come to believe, they often carried out their lives in ways that led them into trouble. Sometimes the problem was their own heart while at other times it was the failure to recognize that there was someone out to destroy them and influence the culture around them. 
       A. W. Tozer said, “We can know the right words yet never be changed. This is the difference between information and transformation.” 
       As disciples of Jesus Christ, we seek to be more and more transformed into His likeness. As a result, we find ourselves following His teaching, worshipping Him, and seeking to please Him all because of the sacrifice He has made for each one of us. 
      This book is about discipleship. It is about an area of our lives that has significant influence and the potential to take us off course.