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Compass Canada has invested in editing the following Compass resources for the Canadian market.  We are pleased to offer the following Canadian editions which can be ordered in Canadian dollars and shipped directly to your church. You may use the online ordering form that is available on the Store tab or call our office and we will be pleased to facilitate your order.

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Compass - finances God's way believes that the small group is the ideal setting for the study of God's Word as it relates to the stewardship of money and possessions.  The encouragement, accountability and prayer support help along this journey to financial wellness.

What people are saying....

“I love the Navigating Your Finances God’s Way study.  My husband and I have gone through it twice and have found it to be life transforming. We have paid off our debt, are working on building up our savings and emergency funds, are living generously and living very joyfully on our spending plan.  Throughout my life, when I have heard a sermon on money, the focus has always been on giving - which I totally do believe but there is so much more to know about stewarding finances! I long for every Christian and every church to gain this Scriptural understanding of the way God views our finances.”       A.B.

"The thorough delving into Scriptures, combined with very practical instructions for daily money management, was a win for me. I am grateful for the help this study has been.  It will positively impact my spiritual and financial life for the future."     S.J.

"This has been a life challenging experience taking this course. I learned far more values than just getting out of debt.  I would like my focus to change to an eternal perspective.  Take this course as young as you can, I guarantee it will bear fruit for you the rest of your life."    D.B.




Student and Facilitator Tools 

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Catholic Resources

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